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Meet the Radical DOJ Lawyer Forcing Florida to Keep Foreigners on the Voter Rolls

Yesterday, Eric Holder’s Voting Section ordered Florida to stop purging foreigners from the voter rolls.  Two weeks ago, Florida found 53,000 dead voters registered to vote.  Florida has also found non-citizens on the voter rolls and Secretary of State Ken Detzner has started the process of removing them.

Not so fast, says Eric Holder’s DOJ.

In a letter to Detzner, the DOJ says to stop removing foreigners from the rolls.  The Voting Section makes a dubious argument under Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act, a law the Obama administration has refused to enforce because of ideological opposition.  The letter notes that Elise Shore is the attorney behind the letter.


Elise Shore

Recall that PJ Media produced the Every Single One series that exposed the partisan DOJ hiring practices and the radicalism of the DOJ Civil Rights Division lawyers hired by the Obama administration.

What do we know about Elise Shore from the installment about the Voting Section?

Elise Shore. Ms. Shore came to the Voting Section by way of the “Southern Coalition for Social Justice,” where she worked as a legal consultant focusing on “voting rights, immigrant rights, and other civil rights and social justice issues.” The far left-wing positions of this group are nicely summarized on its website. Ms. Shore also made a $1,000 contribution to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Before joining the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, she worked for more than two years as a Regional Counsel for MALDEF [Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund]. There, she was an outspoken critic of Georgia’s voter ID law and well as its proof of citizenship requirements for voter registration (which, incidentally, have been found to be non-discriminatory by a federal court) and described how heartened she was that the Civil Rights Division had objected to the registration law under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. But her joy must have been fleeting: the Division later capitulated and withdrew its objection after Georgia filed a federal declaratory judgment action. It will be interesting to see if Shore can put her politics to the side in her role as the Voting Section’s point of contact for all redistricting submissions in the state of Florida.

It looks like Ms. Shore wasn’t able to set aside MALDEF-style radicalism, even after she started working for the taxpayers of the United States.  Sadly, this private radicalism has metastasized into radical open-borders public policy.  Not only does the DOJ stop states from enforcing their laws pertaining to illegal immigration, the DOJ is forcing Florida to keep non-citizens on the voter rolls.  We have entered strange and dangerous times.

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