League of Women Voters Aren't Nonpartisan

For decades, the League of Women Voters have presented themselves as an oracle of election related wisdom.  They have sponsored presidential debates.  They will be cited by the media over and over again this year.


The American public has been hoodwinked into thinking the League of Women Voters is a non-ideological good government group.  After all, the group purports to be nonpartisan.  The League has used the non-partisan brand to increase their credibility to government election officials and the American public.

2012 should mark the end of that charade.  Next time you see the League cited in a news story, be aware of their broad, pro-Democrat Party agenda.

When I recently appeared on Al Jazerea and said that the League of Women voters could hardly be called non-partisan, co-guest John Nichols, from The Nation, exploded as if I had committed blasphemy.  Nichols rushed to defend the honor of the poor women.

The League of Women Voters are merely focused on the smooth running of elections, right?

Wrong.  Let’s just take a glance at the webpage of the League of Women Voters in Virginia.  Here is a sampling of the stated real issues they are fighting over:

against: “pre-abortion ultrasound”

for: “Access to Women’s Health Care”

In case you didn’t understand it the first two times: “Abortion.”


“regionally balanced transportation systems”

“increase the use of public transportation”

“legal authority to control the use of land. Stronger state control”


“Endeavor to prevent mental illness”

“Adoption of the California Standards for low emission vehicles”

“A more progressive state income tax, with an increase in the number of income brackets and a raise in the rates in higher brackets”

“In divorce fault should not enter into the court’s division of marital property. ”

“the state has a role to play in child care . . . [and the government should provide some] form of financial assistance to increase the affordability and availability of child care.”

“smoking in public should be limited to designated areas”

You’ve come a long way, baby.


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