'Action Camp' For Children at Soros-Funded Group

Looking for a place to send your kids this summer? Don’t care if they come back as miniature community organizers? Then Action Camp might be perfect.

The Advancement Project, an organization funded by the convicted felon George Soros, is holding regional “Action Camps” for children in Raleigh, Los Angeles, and, of course, Chicago. You can read all about it here, and even sign up your young and impressionable teen.


The Advancement Project opposes voter integrity laws around the nation, including the requirement that voters show photo ID. (Don’t miss PJTV’s attempt to get into the Advancement Project building without photo ID.)

Courses for the kiddies include:

Organizing 101

An optional session for participants with little organizing or advocacy experience. Facilitators from successful grassroots organizations will lead participants through workshops on the basics of organizing for social change including building relationships, organizing structure, and campaign strategy.

In case your children came dangerously close to forming independent thoughts, Action Camp “facilitates” the process in a workshop called:

Facilitated Learning Circles

Participants will meet in small groups to discuss topics of interest with a focus on drawing from the experience of participants. Discussions will involve particular challenges and successes. Applicants can select topics that interest them or submit ideas through the application. To submit a more detailed proposal, email [email protected].


This particular “Action Camp” is dedicated to the “Schools to Prison Pipeline.” This is jargon for the belief that the system is rigged to push vast numbers of children into jail. The Schools to Prison myth is straight out of Critical Race Theory. In my book Injustice, I write about how some in the Justice Department believe that school discipline is racially discriminatory based merely on the higher percentage of minority youths being disciplined.

Can anyone find a mirror image of conservative activism toward children? Post below in the comments if you can.


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