Union Thugs Threaten Citizen Election Watchdogs

The Communist (I do not use that term recklessly) publication People’s World has an article full of threats and libel from union thugs and Soros-funded voter fraud deniers directed at law abiding Americans: “Labor raising an ‘army of 400,000’ for the 2012 elections.”


Groups like True the Vote and Judicial Watch are working to cleanse the voter rolls of ineligible and dead voters, using federal laws Eric Holder’s Justice Department won’t enforce.

Here is Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America, with an outright fairy tale:

“We know their game,” he said, they even have tried to criminalize voter registration — something that was always considered an act of good citizenship. We will not be deterred. If necessary we will be arrested, if that’s what it takes, to register voters — if that’s what it takes to protect democracy.”

Criminalize voter registration?  Where? How?  Note carefully the threat of lawlessness.  Cohen can’t help it.  A union scorpion will remain a union scorpion.   Another union scorpion, Arlene Holt-Baker of the AFL-CIO adds her threats:

The tea party groups, like the so called “Election Integrity” group in Maryland match names on the voter rolls to all kinds of other databases, including property tax information, arrest records or anything else they can find. Similar groups are at work in at least 30 states.

“We will work with our allies and coalition partners to stop this form of vote suppression,” said Holt Baker.

Some bad news, Arlene. First, too late.  The work is already done or well along.  And though it might not matter to you, the work of these groups is perfectly legal and protected by federal law which allows private actions to clean up the voter rolls.  But the law has never been much of a deterrent to the particular species of muscle your organization relies upon.


Now some lies funded by the convicted felon George Soros, courtesy of his voter fraud-denying mouthpiece, the Advancement Project:

Judith Browne, co-director of one such partner, the Advancement Project, said her organization and many others will work with unions to watch the right wingers hanging around the polls. She described the so-called “watch groups” as “nothing more than voter suppression posses.”

This is libelous.  Judith Browne knows better, but the real aim is stoking up the ignorant mob that reads Communist-affiliated publications.  The better question is why anyone from the Advancement Project is talking to someone from “People’s World.”

Of course we all know the answer.

And we also know why so many lawyers from the Advancement Project have been hired by Eric Holder’s Voting Section to oversee the 2012 presidential election.  Just last week, one Advancement Project veteran, DOJ lawyer Elizabeth Westfall, was arguing in federal court against the voter ID law in Texas.  She lost in her effort to string the Texas lawsuit out past the election.

And how does the union muscle plan on countering this wave of law-abiding citizen watchdogs?  Through a uniquely union method — “intensive conversations”:

“We can’t write checks for ten and thirty million,” said Holt Baker but “what we can do is engage in intensive, deep, one-on-one conversations between the 400,000 unionists going out there and voters, in their workplaces and at their doors.  The labor leaders said the volunteers will carry out intensive conversations.


The good news is that this year, patriots recognize the stakes, even patriots who belong to unions. They don’t want to live in a country where “intensive conversations” with thugs is normalized.  The are tired of slander of law abiding Americans. This time, the thugs are going to lose.


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