Leftists Go Wild Over Dana Loesch

The First Amendment is a brilliant check against the government. For centuries, newspapers and columnists have used press freedom to hold the government accountable. Yet today, some media organizations have the singular purpose of defending the government. They also do things the government can’t do directly, like attack particular American citizens.


Consider the attacks on former PJ Media contributor and now Big Journalism editor Dana Loesch. Loesch said that she had no problem with the video of American soldiers urinating on dead Taliban fighters — “I’d drop trou and do it to.” It wasn’t clear if Loesch was being sarcastic, but it hardly matters.

Predictably, leading the indignant outrage was Media Matters, an outfit funded by the convicted felon George Soros. They’ve devoted bold red fury to her comments, stopping just short of calling for her to be roasted on a spit.

Media Matters specializes in defending the government through scattershot internet smears against anyone who effectively criticizes said government. In olden days, this task fell to state-run media and occasionally rough thugs who stepped in when propaganda just wasn’t enough. Today, the administration outsources their dirtiest work to groups like Media Matters.

A free copy of my book Injustice to the first person who sends me a link to any Media Matters story critical of the Obama administration. I’ll even sign it to make it worth your while. It will be a long hunt.

Dana Loesch is their latest target for a simple reason — thugs like Eric Boehlert at Media Matters only attack the most effective critics of the government, and particularly those who cannot be easily cowed. They don’t waste energy smearing conservatives at some websites who ponder topics as scintillating as how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. They don’t waste time on conservative news outlets that either don’t understand the modern Left, or have never effectively opposed it.

Loesch, on the other hand, lands blows in her defense of liberty. Both on her syndicated radio show, and at Big Journalism, her appeal is her courage and her uncompromising message. She is precisely what the Soros-funded drones are tasked with snuffing out.


Notice PJ Media’s new masthead above — “Voices from a free America.”  We have entered strange times — an era when a foreign billionaire felon pays people to smear American citizens who criticize the government, or in this case, when they say urinating on dead Taliban is no big deal.

Never mind the fact that most Americans could hardly care about what the American soldiers did. There is a common sense understanding in our land that war is a rough affair. We share an unspoken recognition that previous American wars saw cruelty far more gruesome than urination unleashed on our living fathers, brothers and sons. More to the point, Americans understand that we face an enemy that tortures and beheads American soldiers. Nobody wants to see American soldiers urinating on these slain monsters, but few really care.

The few who profess outrage at Loesch — particularly those on Soros salaries — exhibit no sense of proportion. Either they have not heard of places like Malmedy or Mukden, and the fate of American heroes like Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker, or their hatred of the American military makes the history irrelevant.

But history isn’t irrelevant to those with a sense of proportion. Compared with the vile brutality American soldiers have endured in the last century, the video that has Loesch the target of organized leftist scorn, is, shall we say, a drop in the bucket.



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