Tracy Schmaler's (and Eric Holder's) Trip to the Tropics

The winds in D.C. are blowing cold Canadian air hard from the northwest. The icy blasts from Capitol Hill, particularly from House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa, are whipping down Pennsylvania Avenue and threatening Eric Holder’s tenure as attorney general.  So there’s no better time for Eric Holder to jet off to the Caribbean for some much needed sunshine.  Holder is spending five days in the Dominican Republic, Barbados, and Trinidad.  I have learned from sources with direct knowledge of Tracy Schmaler’s goings-on that the spin-mistress of the Justice Department Office of Public Affairs is accompanying Holder on this tropical jaunt.


Tracy who?

Tracy Schmaler is a name which may grow into a household one as the lies surrounding Fast and Furious unravel faster.  She earned her stripes deceiving the public about the dismissal of the New Black Panther case.  She then graduated onto attacking one of the most honorable people to serve in government, former Voting Section Chief Chris Coates, after he (under oath no less) exposed her lies about the Black Panther dismissal for what they were.  Schmaler is also the same hack who disgraces the Department of Justice by criticizing decisions the Department made, but only because the Bush administration made them.  She is the witchy federal employee who screams and cusses at reporters for NBC, the Washington Times, CBS and the American Spectator, yet doesn’t get fired because thug is so in style in this administration.

But her latest false witness involves the esteemed senator from Iowa.  On Halloween, a document dump was unloaded on Congress which revealed a concerted DOJ effort to smear Senator Grassley as a partisan to the media in the Fast and Furious scandal.  Schmaler is almost certainly at the center of this effort.  She is notorious for this sort of behavior — leaking certain documents to certain young hack bloggers who parrot whatever she demands of them.


Again, who is Tracy Schmaler?  Remember the name, because she may be the engineer behind so many of the lies emanating from the once honorable United States Department of Justice.  It’s time she be hauled before the committees investigating DOJ misconduct.

But you won’t be able to serve that subpoena this week. This week she is on a tropical island, and you are paying for it.



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