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Elections at Risk: Media in the Tank for Criminals

Earlier this week, I provided a taste how the modern civil rights industry enables and supports criminal voter fraud.  I described a pattern in Alabama and Florida: after arrests for voter fraud, rallies are held at the courthouse complete with spirituals and claims that racism led to the arrests. Guilty pleas often quietly follow, but no matter, the convenient bloody shirt of the past is waved to defend the guilty – as was done in black belt Alabama as described in my book Injustice and as I described at PJ Media.

Today we find work product from the second member of the voter fraud denying trinity, the media. (Academia comprises the third part; more on them another day). Consider Simon van Zuylen-Wood, “Reporter-Researcher” at The New Republic.  Simon has this story about landslide passage of the Voter ID referendum in Mississippi last week.  It follows the Template used by the media when covering efforts to prevent or curtail election crimes:

1. Present dastardly efforts of the right or the GOP to implement election integrity procedures.

2. Sprinkle a dash of accusatory racism, amount to vary depending on reading audience and whether or not mainstream America will see your work. If the accusations are in Mother Jones or on the steps of a courthouse in Madison County Florida, or other places most Americans don’t venture, go all in. Leave no accusation of racism behind.

3. Quote the Brennan Center for Justice, who in turn quotes either a Department of Justice study or other academic study that found “hardly any voter fraud” (but of course failed even to cite the Ike Brown case in Mississippi.)  Assume nobody will question the inadequate methodology of the study, because nobody ever does.

4. Include ominous warnings about sinister plans to roll the clock back to 1954.  Provide no specifics, the charge alone flips the switch for the targeted audience.

5. Avoid any mention of case after case after case after case after case after case (some involving Obama campaign staff)  of verified proven-in-court voter fraud. (Especially the ones by the NAACP or Democrats).  If you do mention a single one, the whole scam unravels.  If such cases do get mentioned by opponents, reply they aren’t “widespread” or “rampant.”  Insist the frequency of the crimes is more important that the existence of the crimes when considering voter integrity measures.

This is the template used by the media to give a smokescreen to criminal election activity. Simon van Zuylen-Wood’s piece is just the latest example. He writes the piece about Mississippi Voter ID passage but makes no mention whatsoever about evidence and federal court findings in the Ike Brown case in Mississippi. They include rampant absentee ballot fraud, in-person voter impersonation, ballot forgery, ineligible voters voting, cooperation with illegalities by law enforcement officials in league with the defendants, forced assistance inside the polls of hundreds of black voters and on and on and on.  And yes Simon, Voter ID would have stopped some of the behavior I described.

But I can understand why you left the facts in the Ike Brown case out of your story. You were just following the Template.