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African-American Caller Blasts Voter Fraud Denier on CSPAN

Today PJ Media’s own Hans von Spakovsky appeared on CSPAN to debate Jon Greenbaum, a notorious voter fraud denier.  Hans has covered one of Greenbaum’s coworkers at the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, Joe Rich.  Rich had multiple bad reviews and reprimands placed in his Justice Department file for various bad behavior covered by von Spakovsky in the PJ Media article and also in my book Injustice.

Leaving Rich back at the office, Greenbaum appeared on CSPAN to debate Voter ID with von Spakovsky.  Greenbaum trotted out the tired tropes opposing voter ID.  Then Greenbaum’s worst nightmare happened – an African-American caller from Maryland got through and dressed him down.  Minnesota Majority grabbed the video.

It wasn’t a good day for the voter fraud deniers.  Former Congressman Artur Davis has come out in favor of voter ID because of the rampant voter fraud in Hale, Perry and Greene Counties, Alabama. (I devote Chapter Six of Injustice to this voter fraud and how particular DOJ lawyers enabled it because they would not enforce voting laws against black offenders).  So has Rhode Island Senator Harold Metts.  The voter fraud deniers are on the run, and about to suffer another blow in Mississippi where voters will approve voter ID.  And today we learn that the voter fraud deniers have a new opponent – African-Americans sick and tired of being patronized.