King and Spalding, a Disgraceful Law Firm

Where do you go after you serve as a lackey to Attorney General Eric Holder in the bloody Fast and Furious scandal?  What do you do when you played a role in a policy that lead to the deaths of hundreds of murdered Mexicans and at least one U.S. Border agent?  How could you find employment after the House of Representatives and even the Justice Department Inspector General fingers you as a DOJ employee who should be subject to discipline for your behavior?


Well step right up to high-billing King and Spalding, a disgraceful law firm.

The disgraced DOJ official moving to King and Spalding is former Holder Chief of Staff, and former acting Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler.  Hiring Grindler is an absolute disgrace and shames the firm.

Gary Grindler

King and Spalding is the same law firm that former Solicitor General Paul Clement left after the firm took on the House of Representatives as a client in the Defense of Marriage Act, then bailed on their client in unseemly fashion due to pressure from the left. 

King and Spalding is the also same disgraceful law firm that refused to reschedule a deposition when an opposing lawyer’s father died, and then sought sanctions from the court against the lawyer!  The federal court spanked the unprofessional conduct of King and Spalding in Williams v. General Motors Corp., 158 F.R.D. 510 (M.D.Ga. 1993).  In the case, Judge Duross Fitzpatrick chastised King and Spalding in a published opinion for trying to “take advantage of the personal crisis” of Coates when he was in private practice.


That’s the sort of people the clients of King and Spalding are associated with.

Some clients of King and Spalding, in case you were wondering where to spend your money (or not), include:

Coca Cola, General Electric, Toyota, Wells Fargo, Chevron, Bank of America, Delta Airlines and UPS.



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