Houston Chronicle Features Voter Fraud Denier

You would think that an attorney like Geoff Berg would understand the risks inherent in lying about decent law abiding Americans.  You would think that the Houston Chronicle wouldn’t give a forum for someone who peddles in lies.  Think again.


Geoff Berg has this posting at the Houston Chronicle denying voter fraud occurs.

There is no evidence that the integrity of elections is threatened by voter fraud.

Berg cites to the well known voter fraud experts – Mother Jones.  (Yes, unlike 8-tracks and Orleans, this publication is still around).   Race baiting vote fraud denying hucksters like Berg were on full display last week in Florida rallying for 10 people arrested for this voter fraud that doesn’t exist.  The pattern repeats – defend the lawless by using racial smears.  Berg got the memo.  Regarding True the Vote, the voter integrity effort based in Houston which has been featured many times here at PJ Media, Berg:

TTV’s actual mission is to make it as difficult as possible for blacks and Hispanics to vote.

Really?  Care to back that up with any evidence?  Instead, Berg speculates that TTV believe this just like “Ted Haggard and Larry Craig telling themselves they aren’t gay.”

This is what people who believe in the Rule of Law are up against, race baiting tricksters like Berg.  Berg is a practicing lawyer, and you can go to his law office webpage here.  Last year True the Vote deployed effective election monitoring, and will do so across the country in 2012 despite the efforts of Berg and his ilk to scare law abiding Americans away from their rightful and lawful place engaged in the process.  Berg is the modern version of the time worn antagonist who seeks to scare people from exercising rights they possess.   Instead of praising True the Vote for their efforts in 2010, he slanders them:


When TTV’s “volunteers” insisted on exercising their God-given right to aimlessly wander around polling places last year, they chose Sunnyside but had no interest in Memorial or River Oaks.

Note Berg’s use of exaggeration.  It is the same sort of exaggeration to smear and scare law abiding Americans being used by the Texas Democrat Party Chair Boyd Richie. There is nobody claiming that God allows law abiding American’s to monitor the integrity of our elections.  The law does.  True the Vote was also deployed across Harris County, not just in the precincts Berg falsely infers. Nor did anyone “aimlessly wander around polling places” – another exaggeration by the lawyer Berg.  Instead, True the Vote volunteers collected hundreds of pages of reports about what was happening inside the polls, and when election officials failed to follow the law.

These activities are something that people like Richie and Berg should applaud, unless they and their political allies have something to hide.


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