Brady Campaign Propaganda Takes a Hit

(Hat tip to Keep and Bear Arms.)

Guns in the home are dangerous; just call the police!!!

Police believe that James Green of Fort Worth planned to burglarize a house, but the woman homeowner, who had moved in recently with her husband, was home, too. When Green began knocking on the front door, she called her husband, who was out of town. He told her to get their gun. She did and called the police. Green entered through the back door before the cops arrived and entered her bedroom, whereupon she shot him. He died in the hospital.


Hey Brady! That’s one woman not raped and murdered.

Guns in the workplace are dangerous!!!

A Wendy’s employee was cleaning up after closing, when “two men with masks” entered and forced him into the back office at gunpoint. After stealing the money, they left. The employee armed himself and followed them outside. Police say one of the robbers turned and pointed his gun at the employee, whereupon he was shot and killed.

Hey Brady! Can you guarantee robbers will let a witness live?

It’s not safe for children to have access to guns!!!

Two teenagers in Henderson, North Carolina were home alone when two men attempted a home invasion. One of the teens shot one intruder in the chest with a shotgun; he died in the hospital. The accomplice is wanted for a November 14 break-in. Police say no charges will be filed against the teens or their parents.


Hey Brady! That’s two teenagers alive because they knew how to operate a shotgun.

A potential of four lives were saved by safe and effective firearms handling skills. No evidence has ever shown the Brady Campaign arriving in time to save anybody.

It’s been a tough year for the Brady Campaign.


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