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At Least One London Bridge Terrorist Was a 'Known Wolf'

UK media are reporting that at least one of the three London Bridge terrorists last night was previously known to law enforcement, making this yet another "Known Wolf" terror attack.

Last night I was live blogging the incident here at PJ Media.

Given past incidents, I assumed that this would join my ever-growing list of "Known Wolf" attacks. And now that appears to be confirmed.

The Telegraph reports tonight:

One of the three jihadists who murdered revellers in central London on Saturday had been reported to the anti-terror police on at least two occasions, it has been claimed.

A former friend of the terrorist, who was shot dead by police along with two accomplices, claimed he had been radicalised while watching YouTube videos and said he contacted the authorities ­after becoming concerned over his friend’s extremist views.

A neighbour also claimed she had contacted police in Barking, east London, after the suspect tried to convert her children to Islam and radicalise them. The man is not being named at the request of the police.

The former friend claimed he contacted police after comments the man made about other previous attacks. But he said the authorities had failed to act and take action despite evidence of increasingly extremist views.

Perhaps even more disturbing:

The friend told the BBC’s Asian Network that the terrorist had been radicalised watching videos of the infamous American hate preacher Ahmad Musa Jibril.

I'll leave Imam Jibril for my next article, but the fact that yet another "Known Wolf" terrorist has slipped through the net of law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and national security is hardly breaking news.

In fact, just two weeks ago I reported here at PJ Media on the Manchester bomber, who was known to MI5 for at least five years before last month's attack.

And the Westminster attacker from March had long been on the radar of UK authorities.

The problem has become so ubiquitous that even the British media have picked up my "Known Wolf" terminology: