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CNN's Reza Aslan Losing Fight to Make 'Islamophobia' Happen

Rather than feeling invigorated by his recent meal of human brain, Leftist media darling Reza Aslan appears to be a bit down in the dumps.

Recently he spoke at the University of Pennsylvania, where he railed against a handful of “clowns” and “fringe figures” who, despite their idiocy, have managed to create a prevailing climate of “Islamophobia” against Muslims in the United States. According to the Daily Caller, Aslan spoke to a crowd of around 750 people, including many who show that his message is treated on campus with the utmost respect. In attendance:

[A] diverse mix of students, attentive adults, and prominent Penn faculty and alumni, most notably NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. The significance of the turnout was clear: fearmongering about rising “Islamophobia” is trending, and a young, hip Muslim-American with cable TV producing credentials has the answers.

Aslan claimed, according to Gregg Roman in the Caller, that “Islamophobia” as a phenomenon is only three years old: “a few fringe groups, or ‘clowns’ as he put it, supposedly created it in 2014.”

“Islamophobia” was invented in 2014? Reza Aslan himself gave an extensive interview about “Islamophobia” in December 2010, but you know what they say about consistency being the hobgoblin of small minds.

And Aslan’s mind -- again, now fortified by eating human brain -- is very large indeed. Large enough to admit that a rogue’s gallery of hacks and psychopaths have been able to hoodwink a huge segment of the American people into thinking there is something wrong with their entirely benign, sweet, friendly, cuddly Muslim neighbors.

These idiot masterminds, Roman noted:

... allegedly include authors Robert Spencer, whom Aslan charmingly called a “moron,” Pamela Geller, Frank Gaffney (a “wackjob!”), and Middle East Forum president Daniel Pipes. … Aslan encouraged the audience to “laugh at these guys” and ostracize them as “fringe figures, hate group leaders … and people who have no business in the mainstream on any topic, much less Islamism.”

Well, a group of four “clowns,” including a “moron” and a “wackjob,” who are also evil “hate group leaders” have -- despite our comically bumbling idiocy and manifest malevolence -- been able to make “Islamophobia” a large enough problem that it requires Reza Aslan to spend all his time fighting it.

How could my henchmen and I have managed to pull this off, as moronic and mean-spirited as we are?

Why is it that Aslan, with his CNN platform and the adulation of the entire media establishment, has been unable to prevent this sudden three-year spread of “Islamophobia” across the land? Why has he not been able to outwit and out-charm us?

In reality, Aslan’s speech was an admission of defeat.

Aslan represents -- in the eyes of the establishment media -- everything that is good and true. He may be (in his eyes) brilliant and (in his eyes) handsome. He is also inarguably Muslim and Leftist. He hates and ridicules Trump. He heaps scorn on all the right people (i.e., anyone to his right). He refuses to engage us intellectually in discussion or debate, because he knows in his heart of hearts that we are beneath contempt.