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'We're Totally Not Terrorists' Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Terror Leader Who OK'd NYC Bombings

This past weekend, Omar Abdel Rahman -- the "Blind Sheikh" -- died in a U.S. federal prison. He was convicted 20 years ago for his role in authorizing the planned "Day of Terror" terror campaign targeting New York City landmarks following up on the 1993 World Trade Center bombing launched by his followers:

Our PJ Media colleague, former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy, was the man who put the Blind Sheikh in prison. McCarthy's memoir of the terror leader's trial, Willful Blindness, remains one of the must-reads for understanding the nature of the domestic terror threat:

As reported here by Bridget Johnson, al-Qaeda quickly came out and called for attacks on the U.S. in response to the Blind Sheikh's death:

But the tributes to the dead terror leader didn't only come from al-Qaeda.

The Muslim Brotherhood -- which is currently engaged in a widespread campaign to prevent it from being designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. -- marked the occasion, too.

Reuters reports:

Movements across the Islamist spectrum from the Muslim Brotherhood to al-Qaeda issued statements mourning him, and several leaders from Egypt's Islamic Group, which views the sheikh as a spiritual leader and renounced violence in 1997, attended.

In fact, the official Muslim Brotherhood statement called the Blind Sheikh a "martyr":

The Blind Sheik was also publicly mourned by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, like Gamal Heshmat.