'KNOWN WOLF' TERROR SCANDAL: Of the 14 Attacks Under Obama, FBI Already Knew Attackers AT LEAST 12 Times

FBI Director James Comey was called out by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) this week on the growing problem of what I have termed "Known Wolf" terrorism -- an act of terror committed by someone already known to law enforcement.

During a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on Tuesday, Comey said the FBI is reviewing the missed opportunities in both the recent NY/NJ bombing and the mass killing in Orlando in June. However, as seen in the exchange below between Comey and Senator Paul, the FBI director seemed unconcerned about the problem.

But he really should be -- because missed chances by the FBI might be America's ONLY terror problem.

Virtually EVERY Islamic terror attack under President Obama's watch was committed by a "Known Wolf" suspect.

Four such incidents already this year. A dozen incidents during the Obama administration.

And virtually NO OTHER ATTACKS at all.

Here's Comey and Paul:

As former federal prosecutor and PJ Media columnist Andrew McCarthy noted last week, for years the Obama administration has pushed a narrative that Islamic terrorists operating in the U.S. were "lone wolves" -- striking out of nowhere and without warning. But this simply was not true. In virtually every case, these "lone wolves" were already on law enforcement's radar -- and in some cases, had even been placed on terror watchlists.

As I've noted here at PJ Media going back to October 2014, the "lone wolf" canard was spun by the Obama administration to exonerate themselves whenever a terror attack occurred.

The positive news is that they won't be able to do it anymore.

The "Known Wolf" terrorism problem is finally being addressed by Congress: Senator Jim Lankford (R-OK) is in the process of conducting a six-month investigation into the breakdown of those dozen cases.

This past Saturday, a New York Post editorial noted my identification and two-year documentation of the "Known Wolf" problem in the West:

FBI Director James Comey notes that searching for lone wolves is like “looking for needles in a national haystack.” But Rahami was less a lone wolf than what Pat Poole at PJ Media calls a “known wolf” — i.e., someone who had been flagged by authorities but then forgotten.

Poole cites at least eight other such “known wolves” -- including the Underwear Bomber, the Fort Hood shooter and perps in the Orlando nightclub massacre and Boston Marathon bombing as well as jihadis in Garland, Texas; Little Rock, Ark.; Seattle; West Orange, NJ; and Columbus, Ohio.

In fact, there have been a dozen.

Below, familiarize yourself with all of the "Known Wolf" terrorism cases on the Obama administration's watch.

And be sure you grasp the key point:

The United States might not be suffering from terror -- AT ALL -- if our law enforcement agents had not been hamstrung by the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton "politically correct" approach to monitoring Muslim suspects.

They placed the sensitivities of Muslim Americans ahead of public safety. Not their rights -- law enforcement already operates knowing that rights must be respected to successfully win a later prosecution in court.

Not their rights. Just their sensitivities.

We KNEW about virtually EVERY terrorist. But FAILED TO ACT IN TIME on virtually every terrorist.

(See the next page for the full list, including details of each FBI failure.)