ISIS Affiliate Releases Multimedia Orlando Package Including 'Terrorist Selfie' Meme

An ISIS-affiliated media outlet released a "CD" package of propaganda materials related to the Orlando shooting -- divided into official video releases, unofficial videos and graphic-design elements for jihadist use including memes of shooter Omar Mateen and a Capitol under attack.

The Al-Battar Media Foundation released a few separate statements on Orlando in the first couple of days after the June 12 attack. Al-Battar is reportedly the media operation of elite ISIS Libyan unit Kalibat al-Battar al-Libi, which is led by a Tunisian terrorist who may at one point have been held by the United States.

One statement praised Mateen for killing "gay crusader infidels in the city of Orlando, America" and putting "horror, fear and heartbreak" in "the hearts of the infidels" during the "great blessed battle successfully carried out by one Muslim man."

The compilation package released by Al-Battar on Monday is in executable file form and lets users click from the home page, in English and Arabic, to "articles and designs," unofficial videos and official releases. Mousing over a gun on the home screen sets off the sound of gunfire.

Among the official releases is one from ISIS in Afghanistan in which an English-speaking jihadist encourages western Muslims to "by any means slaughter" Jews and Christians -- "hit them by your car, give them poison, stab them with a knife, punch them, or at least spit on them."

Another official video calls for attacks like Orlando in multiple languages -- including with an English-speaking jihadist -- and portrays a suicide bomber striking Times Square.

By including the videos in this Orlando "package" file, which PJM downloaded from Google Docs, ISIS can distribute them without worrying about YouTube and other video-sharing services taking them down.

Among the unofficial videos is an English-language one from Al-Battar, which includes footage from an FBI official at an Orlando press conference noting that Mateen called 911 to report his allegiance to the Islamic State.

The narrator calls America "the spearhead of the war on Islam" and criticized Washington for supporting the "Kurd atheists," among others. "Infidel America thought that the Islamic State accept the unjust quietly... the men of the Islamic State are everywhere. The Islamic State has alerted the Muslims to march forth and strike the kuffar [disbelievers] in the land of kuffar." This video shows Donald Trump speaking about the Orlando attack being "horrendous."

"New York, Washington, Orlando and other cities will not feel safety and comfort," the narrator vows.

Another video titled "Die in Your Rage" -- a favorite slogan of online ISIS supporters -- mingles CNN footage of Orlando with the August 2014 beheading of American journalist James Foley.

The "designs" section contains a variety of images and memes intended for jihadists and ISIS supporters to use in communications or social media -- some even include suggested Twitter hashtags such as #WeWillBurnUSAgain.

One meme highlights the fact that most of Mateen's photos were taken with his own cell phone camera:

A graphic released by an ISIS affiliate after the Orlando attack. A graphic released by an ISIS affiliate after the Orlando attack.

Another features an American flag with the words "America will burn," while another shows the U.S. Capitol dome with the words "in their own homes."

Larossi Abballa, who killed a French police commander and his wife during his June 13 attack on their suburban home, said he was following the directive of ISIS caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi for jihadists in their home countries to kill the infidels in their homes.

An ISIS affiliate released this image after the Orlando attack. An ISIS affiliate released this image after the Orlando attack.