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NBC News Reports Yet Another Case of 'Known Wolf' U.S. Terrorists

Zakia Nasrin was a promising student growing up in a pleasant suburb of Columbus, Ohio, after arriving here with her family in 2000 from Bangladesh. She graduated high school as valedictorian. She later enrolled at Ohio State University in a pre-med program after marrying Jaffrey Khan, who grew up in a tony neighborhood in Silicon Valley.

In May 2014, Zakia, Jaffrey, and Zakia's younger brother Rasel Raihan traveled to the capital city of the Islamic State: Raqqa, Syria. According to U.S. intelligence officials, Rasel was killed there.

That's the story related in a report published by NBC News yesterday on documents obtained from an ISIS defector showing registration forms of would-be fighters looking to join the group. The registration forms included 15 Americans; two were Jaffrey and Rasel.

This report raises several alarming issues.

According to NBC News, Jaffrey and Rasel were already known as extremists by the FBI after an informant's tip. Suspicions were further raised when Jaffrey and Zakia claimed to have "lost" their passports while in Kenya. Rasel admitted to friends that he had been interviewed by the FBI. The report also claims that they were indeed on the terror watch list.

This is a recurring problem I've repeatedly identified here at PJ Media as "known wolf" terrorism: again and again, individuals who engage in terrorism or join terrorist groups are already known to law enforcement and national security agencies.

Why were these individuals allowed to slip into Syria?