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Homeland Security

For decades, the IRS has failed to enforce tax-exempt status requirements.
Only if Jews, women, and all non-Muslims do not count as humans.
It worries me a lot that Mossad and CIA, with all their wealth and talent, don't know a lot.
Kenyan government pleads with citizens to not spread images of the attack or "terrifying messages" on social media.
Critical thinking is now considered bigotry when Islam is the subject.
What ideas about America motivate these protest leaders?
On Islam, the Left uses this word to demand the exact opposite.
A conversation with Martin Sherman, CEO of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.
Report also recommends that Cuomo "introduce legislation to regulate and track Tannerite and similar kits to keep these dangerous explosives out of terrorists’ hands."
Prosecutors are relentlessly pursuing all involved in the attempted massacre.