Homeland Security

Was any action taken before he murdered 22 at an Ariana Grande concert?
They treat real hatred and political disagreement as the same thing.
Terror group lays out extensive instructions for non-explosive derailment tool, names several passenger lines as prime targets.
She doesn't count 9/11. She does count neo-Nazis killing pedophiles in prison.
“Widespread fury” as media reprints “absurd,” “career-ending” talking points about McMaster’s opposition.
"Nobody, including North Korea, is going to be threatening us with anything."
Don't be surprised that the national security adviser is not inclined to carry out instructions from the Oval Office.
Stop presuming U.S. mosques teach U.S. values.
Commander tells "disbelievers" that "we will certainly reach their homelands just as we had done so previously."
France increases its terror watch list to 18,500 suspects, up from 16,000 six month ago
U.S. military says chance of ISIS in Iraq and Syria fleeing to other parts of the world "very low."