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Homeland Security

Pentagon determined "we as the United States could perhaps accept some risk inside the continent with regards to our forces."
Yes, really.
Hasson allegedly "routinely perused" the manifesto of far-right killer Anders Breivik.
What a coincidence!
An attack by a Sunni terrorist group on Wednesday killed 27 Revolutionary Guard soldiers.
Though ISIS backers operating under a number of media alliances regularly craft and circulate threats, Los Angeles is rarely featured as a target.
The pro-ISIS media group behind the image recently published a threat against the U.S. Capitol in its magazine geared toward jihadist youth.
One target is Algerian Education Minister Nouria Benghabrit, who said "students go to school for education” and prayer "is meant to be done at home, not at school."
Lohr arrested after allegedly pouring hydrogen peroxide on or near rotisserie chickens for sale at a Sunnyvale supermarket.
The Israeli government calls the group “terrorists in suits.”