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Homeland Security

"A stark reminder that domestic extremism is a serious threat to our safety and security... we cannot ignore one form of extremism over another."
AQAP propaganda materials appear to have been offered on the bookseller's site for years, including magazine linked to Boston Marathon bombing.
Because there aren’t enough real attacks to support the narrative.
Calls Monday's suicide bombings "a disruptive act on the behalf of an organization focused on violence," but not necessarily an insurgency.
Criticizing sharia? What a bunch of bigots.
No. Next question.
Without mentioning ISIS by name, al-Qaeda says mistakes and "consequences are thus made useful lessons and experiences which further refine" jihad.
Chalk up a win for Kim Jong Un.
Trump won't budge on the wall, so Dems might cave to secure DACA.
Of course she did.
The Islamic State didn't have a great 2017. But even as their physical caliphate shriveled, the terror group was looking past their territorial loss.