Homeland Security

The Syrian Democratic Forces said this week they've taken more than 80 percent of Raqqa, and McGurk declared "the end is now in sight."
Prosecutors allege the trio made and promoted video interviews with al-Qaeda leaders in Syria.
Even a "demonstration" EMP over the Pacific deserves our full weight.
Tell me if you've heard this one: A Chechen, two Iraqis, and a Syrian walk into Germany after having fought with ISIS...
Taking these steps could dramatically increase your chances of survival.
Reaching out to fellow millennials Osama's son told youths across globe to "make this your motto: Either Islam shall live honorably or we shall die."
"Some guy with a sword takes it to Buckingham Palace and tries to stab policemen with it, it kind of feels like that’s on page 9... it barely makes a dent anymore."
One shouted "ISIS slogans," one shouted "Allah akhbar."
Worldwide caution warns of the use of "edged weapons, pistols, and vehicles as weapons" against soft, vulnerable targets.