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Homeland Security

Al-Qaeda in Burkina Faso declaration comes two weeks after the State Department designated JNIM, or al-Qaeda in Mali, a terrorist organization.
"All of the great research that we do to advance biomedicine has its opposite side, which is the threat potential."
Terror group enjoys "freedom of movement underneath the ground in their tunnels" and pop out at night as SDF fights to liberate Hajin.
Judge sends terror recruiter to prison for only eighteen months.
"Insider killings” are a direct consequence of Mattis’ failed, morally repugnant COIN doctrine.
A proposed land swap between Serbia and Kosovo would raise the specter of ethnic violence.
CAIR has proven time and time again that it will accept and excuse hatred against Jews whenever CAIR can get away with it.
Terrorist groups "are urging recruits to adopt easy-to-use tools to target public places and events."
America "has its enmity for Muslims in spite of its professed secularism" and "the battle against America has become inevitable," Zawahiri says at 9/11 anniversary.
A woman is dead because of feel-good politics.