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Homeland Security

Threat comes a few days after circulation of poster depicting a vehicle moving toward the Vatican with a cache of weapons, vowing "Christmas blood."
Joint Staff director says cyber domain "a very real and compelling threat" as way for terror group to stay active not "directly linked to geography."
Attacks in Europe also cost less, with most self-funded without external support at less than $10,000.
Jewish never-Trumpers are infected with what our rabbis of antiquity called "baseless hatred."
From Communism to Islam, rabbis who warn of the dangers are shunned.
A woman who tried to murder people with a golf club and a knife in a Canadian Tire store appeared in court Friday and was furiously defiant.
Tariq Ramadan was banned for supporting a terror-linked charity.
Turkey's curricula change should worry Western nations.
"Choose targets that will result in the greatest damage with the least expenses and simplest means," terror group counsels before Paris anniversary.
Nasser Hamad wanted his surviving victims charged with hate crimes.