Tim Kaine: Neutered Male

So Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s “right-hand person” now:

Gender has emerged as a key question in the 2016 presidential race, as Tim Kaine eschewed gendered language tonight to promise that he will be Hillary Clinton’s “right-hand person,” as opposed to right-hand man.


Note the different responses in tweets between women and men:

Liza Potts @LizaPotts

Words matter: “right hand person” not “right hand man” – Oh, @timkaine you have no idea how meaningful that is to women leaders. Thank you.
9:10 PM – 4 Oct 2016

The Truth Monkey @TheTruthMonkey

“Right hand person.” Not even Kaine thinks he’s a man. #KaineVsPence
9:08 PM – 4 Oct 2016

If Clinton/Kaine are elected, will more men self-neuter out of self-protection? Or will there be a backlash? Only time will tell.


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