Dick Cheney's Health Miracle


I saw that Dick Cheney has a new book coming out tomorrow with his cardiologist called Heart: An American Medical Odyssey. In an article about Mr. Cheney, his calls his health a miracle:


Cheney had his first heart attack over 35 years ago and has been the recipient of many modern heart treatments that seemed to come along at just the right time. He even had a pump attached directly to his heart while awaiting a transplant. He knows luck played a big role in his life. He says Dr. Reiner once made an analogy between the course of Cheney’s health and treatment and a person who gets up late and drives to work, but he sees all the traffic lights ahead are red. “‘Cheney,'” he says the doctor told him, “‘when you get to them, they all turn green.’ And that’s… a pretty good description,” says Cheney.

I also had a heart attack at 37 and am the recipient of modern technology. It truly is a miracle and we are lucky to be alive at a time when some medical problems can be corrected, at least for heart patients. I hope that other medical advances proceed at such a level.


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