'If This Is War, It is War on Men'

So says Sarah Hoyt, author of Darkship Thieves in a post about women’s demands for free birth control:

If you truly believe refusing to force employers to pay for birth control is a war on women, then you are fragile little flowers who deserve to experience life practically anywhere else in the world. You are also unleashing a monster. Get the government to force this and NOTHING is out of bonds. Forget selling you the rope to hang you with. The government will eventually force you to pay them to hang you….

I know! Let’s make war on men, and refuse to listen to them when they’re abused, ignore their claims to their children, take away their right to choose if they want to be fathers (and pay for it) or not, design the school system so it doesn’t fit either their learning style or their development and oh, yes, drug them so they don’t act like boys AND all the while scream that they’re the ones hurting us.


Read the rest of the post, Hoyt has good insight into what is truly happening to men in our society. But while talking is good, action is better. What men don’t understand is that this is a cultural war and it is being waged by women and their “Uncle Tims” in government and elsewhere against the average American male. Men have a hard time fighting back because they cannot psychologically go against the women they have been taught to protect, but that is changing and it should.


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