Are You Living in a Class Bubble?

I discovered I “don’t even have a bubble” after taking a quiz as part of Charles Murray’s new book Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010.


The quiz asks a series of questions and then gives you a score to see if you are part of a new upper class that is isolated and ignorant about the rest of America, having never interacted with others outside their class. Apparently, with my score, I should be heading to NASCAR and fishing every other weekend. The description in Murray’s book for my score is “A lifelong resident of a working-class neighborhood with average television and moviegoing habits.” This was the lowest class one could be in on this particular quiz. Fine with me.

The questions asked were things like “have you ever ridden on a long-distance bus” (yes, from Knoxville to California and back and many other places as a teen and into my twenties), “How many times have you eaten at an Applebees, Denny’s, IHOP Chili’s etc. in the past year” (too many to count), “During the past month, have you voluntarily hung out with people who were smoking cigarettes?” (of course)and “have you had a friend who was an evangelical Christian?” Depending on the definition of friend, I’ve had many.

The test was kind of fun, and frankly, if you have never done any of the things listed, you must really live in a bubble.

Take a short form of the test here yourself and report back on your score if you like.


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