Will Women Ask to See Men's Biceps before Having Sex?

I read this article in the New York Times (via Hot Air) entitled “Scientific Advances on Contraceptive for Men.” This paragraph caught my eye:

Of course, women may have to trust that their partners are using birth control, as men do now. But at least one method, hormone implants, visibly bulge from a man’s bicep. “Guys like it because they can show it off,” Dr. Amory said. “Proof that the male is contracepting”…


So there is one method of birth control–the implant–that is visible and lets women know that the man is really using birth control. Wouldn’t it also be helpful for men if women had something similar? Instead of just having to trust that a woman is taking pills, shots, etc., a guy would be able to see something tangible.

I actually like the idea of male birth control because it gives men more control over their reproductive lives. Right now, they simply have to “trust” that their sexual partners are using birth control. I wonder how women will feel when they have to do the same? At least if the guy is using an implant, it will show. But men? No such luck.

And honestly, wouldn’t the feminists be all over it if women had to show the same kind of transparency? Hypocrites.


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