Gavin Newsom Went to D.C. and You'll Never Guess Why — Well, Maybe You Will

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Ostensibly, California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom went to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday to attend the National Forum on Education Policy and to receive the Frank Newman Award for State Innovation. Yes, that’s right, the leftist governor — who not only needlessly prevented over six million California kids from attending their schools in person and forced them to wear masks forever for over two years but also oversees some of the nation’s most academically inferior schools — accepted an award in education innovation for the once-Golden State. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?


If producing generational trauma and causing mental health issues is innovative, then I suppose Newsom does deserve some kind of award. But not to worry, in the same way that Hollywood awards shows aren’t really about the acting, the leftists in Washington, D.C. know these awards aren’t really about innovation or excellence for the kids’ sake; these awards are about them, our leftist overlords.

In reality, Newsom was at the White House to meet with Biden Administration officials and congressional leaders all in an orchestrated attempt to contrast him as the youthful Democratic prince-in-waiting to Joe Biden’s old decrepit King. Don’t believe me? Watch how he bounds into the White House jacketless with his shirt-sleeves, smarmy grin, and oh-so-cool peace-sign greeting:

While at the Education Forum, Newsom wasted no time going after those horrible-no-good-terrible free red states like Florida — you know, the red state where he just wasted spent $105,000 on a campaign-like advertisement trying to entice Floridians to abandon freedom for the gulags of the once-Golden State. That’s the same red state, by the way, that did not lock out its students from their schools for over two years and did just fine. It’s also the same state that believes our children shouldn’t be subjected to the leftist programming of CRT, DEI, SEL, or trans-mania du jour in their schools.


Even Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, wasn’t safe from Newsom’s red-state ire when he recounted the left’s months-old annoyance with the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, a “press secretary for the governor … said people like me that were opposed” to the bill were “groomers.” Well, governor, what other term besides “groomers” would you use for people who want to foist their sexual preferences and proclivities on schoolchildren?

According to The Hill, at the Forum “Newsom also slammed Texas for cutting hundreds of millions of dollars in mental health funding” after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott redirected more than $200 million from the state’s Health and Human Services Commission, which oversees Texas’s mental health services,” toward securing the southern border.


“But what about the whole person?” Newsom asked. “What about the wellness of our kids? Everybody’s talking a good game now about mental health,” while California “expanded mental health by $4.7 billion in our public education system.” Um yeah, you created the mental health problem in our kids, governor.

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That’s Newsom and the left for you: create the problem and then use the government to supposedly “fix” the problem. After all, leftists know that “all things education” isn’t really about teaching kids anymore; it’s about taking over the role of parenting by providing everything from pre-K babysitting to meals to mental health care to age-inappropriate sexual advice to gender-affirming clothing to vaccinations and beyond.

Plus as my PJ Media colleague, Jeff Reynolds recently wrote, “even if Newsom isn’t running for president (he swears he’s not!), his ads have the obvious intention of undermining and casting doubt about a conservative message and track record of success shown by DeSantis and other GOP office holders.” Clearly, his speeches and interviews also serve the same purpose. But Newsom totally isn’t going to run for POTUS, you guys.


Yep, methinks he doth protest too much. No matter what he insincerely claims now, we all know that Newsom, the gun-grabbing, freedom-stealing leftist, is running in 2024. Trust me, dear readers, I’ve lived in the once-Golden State for far too long, and we don’t want or need him anywhere near the Oval Office on a permanent basis. Let’s just hope the GOP is paying attention for once because November 2024 is coming sooner than we think.


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