Waukesha Parade Tragedy: Death Toll Rises to 5, Suspect in Custody, MSM Quiet

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In a statement about an hour after a red SUV drove through a Waukesha, Wisconsin holiday parade, Police Chief Daniel Thompson reported that the Waukesha PD had a “person of interest” in custody for the horrific incident that killed several people and injured dozens on Sunday evening.


Meanwhile, the City of Waukesha confirmed the deaths of at least five victims with more than forty injured.

While the investigation is definitely ongoing, we now may know the name of the “person of interest”:  Darrell E. Brooks.

Uh oh, this possible suspect may be problematic for those on the left who race-baited their way through the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and his not guilty verdict. Could that be why the MSM has barely covered this horrible crime?


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While this bit of information has yet to be released by the Waukesha PD, several online investigative journalists have been hard at work digging into every detail of this crime while the mainstream media remains noticeably quiet.

Near the scene, Waukesha police found the damaged red Ford Escape used to plow into the crowd at the Waukesha Holiday Parade. Inside, police discovered an ID card and broadcast that information over the police radio. The officer spelled out the name Darrell Brooks Jr. and gave his description as “lighter skin, black male, dreadlocks, possibly no shoes.” The officer also said the license is suspended.

Listen to the ID information on the scanner here at the 24:05 minute mark.

Unsurprisingly, online journalists were able to find a Darrell Edwards Brooks who has a long Wisconsin arrest record with charges including domestic abuse, battery, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, bail-jumping, and sexual assault. A Darrell Edward Brooks with the same neck tattoo and 1982 birth year is also listed as a non-compliant Tier Level 2 sex offender on the Nevada Sex Offender Public Website.


Those Wisconsin arrest records also show that Brooks was just released from jail on a cash bond two days before the incident. It would certainly be worth knowing who paid his cash bail and whether he has ties to BLM or other race hate groups. We’ll also be watching for the MSM’s response since this possible suspect doesn’t fit The Narrative.

Further information will be available on the City of Waukesha social media accounts and at a press conference at 1 p.m. CST on Monday. PJ Media will continue to update this story as new information becomes available.


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