Dear Leftists: Tuesday Wasn't About Us, It Was About You

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Dear Leftists,

Let’s be clear: Tuesday’s election wasn’t about us, it was about you. It was about putting a stop to your failed American Marxist policies that have been fundamentally transforming and dividing our country by race, class, and ideology. We see it, but, unsurprisingly, you don’t.


Voters—across not only on the dark blue east, but the midwest and Texas too—resoundingly and decisively rejected what you’re selling at all levels of government. Tellingly, though, rather than taking some time for introspection to consider why you lost, we see you’re immediately doubling down on those very same failed policies:

Nope, not the messaging at all. Clearly, it’s the fault of those racist white people—especially those non-college-educated white women—that your message of racism and division failed.

It’s hardly surprising at all that the left continues to blame racism for its failures even as the reality of the exit polls and election results show otherwise. After all, the left is known not for introspection but for lockstep groupthink, which leaves little room for reflection or accountability.


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Winsome Sears’s face is one of many that look like the face of America to us. However, as the left’s favorite old segregationist candidate, Joe Biden, said, “She ain’t black,” because she votes Republican, amiright? Even though the left only sees Sears’s race and maybe her gender, we see her humanity and her skillset, but hey, Republicans are the real racists because of “white supremacy!” and ” the patriarchy!” or something…


…because “Trump!” Well, we have news for you: It’s completely obvious that the left’s targeting of #whitewomen—complete with its own trending hashtag on Twitter—as the cause of its losses is merely a distraction and ultimately code for your Orange-Man-Bad TDS. We know you’re desperate to prevent anyone from noticing that the minority vote is slowly trending red.

When leftist candidates said over and over that parents shouldn’t have a say in their children’s education and bureaucrats called them “domestic terrorists” while siccing the federal government on them, America’s parents were listening. While leftists locked us down; closed our schools, churches, and places of employment; tried to force us to mask and vaccinate; and taught our kids to hate this country, their own gender, and even us, American voters were listening. On Tuesday, American voters spoke loudly and clearly not about racism, but about woke-ism.


The truth is you lost many seats on Tuesday but more than that, your leftist ideas lost. Your ideas are extreme, divisive, tired, and failed. America is indeed tired of the left’s American Marxism.

It’s not us, it’s you, and may God Bless Red America.



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