The Patron Saint of the Biden Administration Seems To Be Friedrich Nietzsche

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Nothing shows the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump more than their occasional riffs on the campaign trail. Trump’s recent riff about Biden issuing a proclamation declaring Easter Sunday as “Transgender Awareness Day” is classic Trump. When he suggested to the crowd that maybe we should have Christian Awareness Day and maybe it should be on election day, you could probably hear heads exploding in Washington.


Compare and contrast this with a classic Joe Biden riff. Apropos of nothing, the commander-in-chief wandered into a story about cannibals eating his uncle. It has to be on the top all-time greatest hits by politicians. Since fact checkers retired when Joe arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., they weren’t there to point out that his uncle actually died at sea. Sharks, cannibals, what’s the difference? Maybe he floated ashore for a BBQ?

Biden perpetrated the tallest of far-fetched tales ever delivered by a prominent American not named Mark Twain. At least when Trump riffs, he makes a point. When Biden riffs, you wonder if he thinks it is April Fool’s Day.

While Biden is not worried about losing the cannibal vote, he has also riffed about transgenderism, saying if you don't accept the mutilation of children, you don’t love them. Given that horror, maybe talking about cannibals is one of his more humane qualities.

The obsession of the Biden administration with the transgender agenda has even made it a linchpin of American foreign policy. Rahm Emanuel, the current ambassador to Japan, is currently trying to convince the Japanese that Biden’s gender insanity should be their greatest American cultural import since baseball. Let’s have rainbow flags all around as we merge the latest American sexual dance craze with traditional Japanese Kabuki theater.


Ever since the French Revolution, the demand that the state re-create man in its own abstract image has plagued human freedom around the world. The illiberal battle cry of this ever-metastasizing movement is: ignore God, pretend He doesn’t speak to us through the reality of His creation and Incarnation, and then run as fast as you can away from normalcy. Yes, you have nothing to lose but your happiness.

The patron saint of the Biden administration seems to be the German nihilist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who said, “There are no facts, only interpretations.” Try and live in a world with no facts, and you will end up with transgenderism, crime, abortion, and anything else that defies the reality of a happy life.

The end result of this is the dictatorship of relativism and the triumph of secular humanism. The French existential atheist  Albert Camus later in his life was troubled by the logical consequence of his own rejection of objective truth in favor of relativism. He wrote “relative morality may not recommend crime, but neither can it argue against it.” Welcome to the 2024 world of no bail, no jail criminal justice. Unlike Biden, Camus feared the future his reasoning was creating.

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A culture that rejects Christian morality and its belief that truth is knowable, or as George Bernard Shaw mockingly called it “middle class morality,” should not be surprised that all values respecting humanity are up for grabs. Theologian Henri de Lubac wrote in 1943 in "The Drama of Atheistic Humanism," “It is not true, as is sometimes said, that man cannot organize the world without God. What is true is that, without God, he can ultimately only organize it against man. Exclusive humanism is inhuman humanism.”

So, while election day may not really be Christian Visibility Day, as Trump said, it will give a glimpse into America’s soul. In the public square, there is a crying need for the voice of Christians. It is truly a time for those who pray and trust in God’s mercy to make their voices heard.


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