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Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Fitna

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is targeting the Dutch government for its incompetent handling of Geert Wilder’s documentary Fitna.

In an interview with Jyllands-Posten she criticizes the government for having tried to stop a movie that it hadn’t seen, a movie that it denounced without knowing its content and a movie that had the government prepare evacuation plans for its citizens in the Muslim world.

”The Dutch government is behaving as if it thinks Muslims are wild animals out of control. The movie doesn’t expose Muslims, it exposes a government that is patronizing all Muslims. What kind of message does that send to Muslims?” asks Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

”After having heard about the film the government should have said: We do not have an opinion until the movie is released, and then left it at that.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali doesn’t expect strong reactions among Muslims in Europe because it’s difficult to find new blasphemeous images in the film. The majority of Muslims know about Kurt Westergaard’s cartoon of Muhammed with a bomb in his turban that is featured in the film.

”The film will provoke and challenge many Muslims, but provocations are for the good. They move things. Personally, I am relieved that he didn’t burn the Koran or tear it apart. I disagree with Wilders politically. He wants to ban the Koran, but that’s the worst you can do. I want to fight for his right to make this movive, but he himself ought to fight for other people’s right to say and believe in something different.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali thinks that a far more controversial cartoon animation is in the making in the Netherlands. The apostate and former member of the Social Democratic party Ehsan Jami is preparing an animation about the violent and oppressive character of the prophet Muhammed. According to reports from the Netherlands the movie will depict Muhammed with an erection in the company of a six year old girl.

”If the Dutch government wants to concern itself with movies, this should be it. It may cause a tsunami of reactions in Europe and the rest of the world.”