Northern Light

Fitna is out

Geert Wilder’s 15 minutes movie about violence committed in the name of Islam is out. It’s like a home video or oped in the newspaper. Due to intimidation Denmark’s Public tv refused to show any pictures from the film.

Fitna is made of documentary shots from 9/11, 7/7, 3/11, threatening, discriminating and racist claims by Muslims and all episodes are linked by quotes from the Koran.

A lot of people have been up in arms because Wilders is making the point that the Koran contains fascist passages. What’s so controversial about that?

In 1939 Karen Blixen, the celebrated Danish author publishing under the pseudonym Isaak Dinesen in English, compared Islam to Nazism. During a visit to Berlin she wrote in Letters from a Country at War:

”Has there ever been anything like The Third Reich? Of the phenomena I have encountered through my life Islam, the Muslim world and the Muslim world view come closest. The word Islam means submission and appearently that’s what the Third Reich is saying by its show of hands: I am Yours in life and death.”

And later:

”Like Nazism the Muslim world view is informed by an immense arrogance and pride: The orthodox believer is above all infidels, one orthodox soul is of more value than all the gold in the world. Islam in its essense destroys all classes as the Third Reich does. Muslims no matter if they are emirs or second-ranking people are equally good. There’s a strong team spirit and readiness to help one another – one has to give up 10 pct. of his fortune to Muslims in need, and it’s not charity, it’s a debt you pay. The rituals of Islam are similar to The Third Reich: Orthodox believers do not have time to turn into strangers to one another. Some things in (Hitler’s) Mein Kampf are similar to chapters in the Koran.”
(Karen Blixen: Collected Essays)

Is that controversial?

What’s really controversial is that Wilders as an elected member of parliament is being threatened because he is critical of a religious ideology.