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Angry Homosexual Coffee Shop Owner Doubles Down on His Discrimination of Christians

Gay coffee shop owner kicks out pro-life group

You may remember the story of the Seattle coffee shop owner who angrily and obscenely kicked a group of pro-life Christians out of his shop. The confrontation was reported on here. Doubling down on his hate, that homosexual coffee shop owner is defending his actions and words.

As way of a brief refresher, while taking a break and enjoying some coffee at Seattle's Bedlam Coffee, a group of Christians were accosted by Ben Borgman, the co-owner of the shop. Prior to their coffee break, the group had been peacefully distributing pro-life literature around the city. Upon discovering their identity, Borgman angrily demanded that they leave. When the group politely asked why, the shop owner became angrier and accused them of spreading hate.

Holding up a pamphlet that he found outside of the shop, he cussed at them, refused to engage in dialogue, and then uttered a vile blasphemy against Jesus while forcing them to leave. The pro-life group politely left while attempting to share the gospel with the man. It needs to be noted that they were not distributing pamphlets inside the coffee shop, nor were they proselytizing -- until they were being kicked out, that is. The fact is, the coffee shop owner was responding to who they are, not what they were doing.

The homosexual media has jumped to Borgman's defense. In an article titled "Heroic Gay Coffee Shop Owner Kicks Out Anti-LGBTQ Group, Says He'd F*ck Christ," Out Magazine had this to say:

As one would expect from the sensitive snowflakes of Abolish Human Abortion, they couldn’t wrap their head around the idea of being denied service based on their religious beliefs. In a video, he goes all the way off on them in a spectacular clapback at their hateful propaganda.

Out Magazine is playing fast and loose with the term "snowflakes." If the members of Abolish Human Abortion were truly snowflakes, they would be filing suit against Bedlam Coffee and Ben Borgman. Instead, they've expressed concern for Borgman's eternal soul and have clearly stated that they do not want him to suffer any legal ramifications for his actions.

On top of that, Out Magazine willfully misconstrues what happened. The group was "not denied service based on their religious beliefs." While inside the coffee shop, the group were merely paying customers; their religious beliefs did not play a role in why they were in Bedlam Coffee. The group was denied service because of their identity.

Borgman hasn't remained silent either. Speaking to HuffPost's Queer Voices Senior Editor Curtis M. Wong, Borgman claimed,

We have religious organizations that meet here regularly. These people were not thrown out for being Christian. I’ve been so clear about that.  This removal was very focused on this group, or any group like them. They were put out because they print ugly crap and hand it out in my town, period. I would have thrown out a group that tried to print ugly crap about Christians, too. Trying to stir up hate and discontent is not how to fix things.