The Left Is Having a Collective Nervous Breakdown About the Nashville Statement on Sexuality

A granite cross stands tall against a very dramatic sky.

On Tuesday, the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) released the "Nashville Statement," a declaration of biblical Christian principles on sexuality. To an orthodox Christian, the statement was nothing new, but it made liberals lose their minds.

"Evangelicals are worried about an imaginary 'biblical sexuality' instead of the actual biblical flood in Houston," quipped stand-up comedian Sean Kent.

Many others also cited Texans' struggle with Hurricane Harvey, as if the disaster should have silenced Christians from speaking on biblical doctrine.

"Quick, Texas needs us! Get our hate-filled manifesto out there before the gays cause another hurricane," another liberal stand-up comedian, Trae Crowder, tweeted.

As Crowder's comment suggested, most of the freak-out centered around the idea that the Nashville Statement was "hateful."

Rachel Held Evans, a Christian author who supported Hillary Clinton last November, took a personal approach. "Tonight I had dinner with a group of Christian women united by their love for their LGBTQ kids. They know the harm of" the Nashville Statement.

Marieke Nijkamp, another successful author, declared the Nashville statement "a vile, hateful, and deeply unchristian piece of trash."

Scott Dworkin, founder and president of the Bulldog Finance Group and a senior advisor on the campaigns to draft former Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, called the statement "un-American toilet paper written by Trump fans who use religion as a cover for their bigotry & their hate of equality."