Why It's Not Ok to Be Pro-Choice but Anti-Abortion

I have written before on why I believe that abortion is a cut and dry matter. Lately, I have noticed some people saying that they are pro-choice but still oppose abortion. While they say abortion is something they would never personally do, they want others to have the right to an abortion if they want one.

But is such a stance realistic? Here are some reasons it is not okay to be pro-choice but anti-abortion:

1. Life in the womb has value

The reason I am “pro-life” is because of my understanding of the life of an unborn child. My reasons for valuing the unborn come from my understanding of two biblical concepts:

While your reasons to oppose abortion may not be the same, if you believe abortion is wrong for the life of your unborn child, it has to be true for the lives of all unborn children.

2. Rape/incest cannot erase a person’s worth

A person’s value is independent of the circumstances of his or her conception. While pro-choice and pro-life individuals can both agree that rape is a terrible act that hurts women, a life created as a result of that heinous act is a still a life. The problem with the rape and incest argument is that the life of the child is taken out of the conversation.

Of course, we must consider the mother in this situation, but if those of us who are against abortion are not also considering the child, who will? Should we force an innocent 8-week-old baby (with a steady heartbeat, arms and legs beginning to grow, separate DNA from mom, her own blood type, hair, eye and skin color all genetically determined) to pay for the crimes of her parent? There are always at least two people involved in an abortion and one of those people cannot yet speak for herself. Counseling is what victims of rape and incest need, not enduring another layer of trauma from an abortion.