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Please, for the Love of Christmas, Tell Me Why This 'Hipster Nativity Scene' Exists!

I was just thinking to myself yesterday how silly I think those inflatable Christmas decorations are. My apologies if you love them and they're your favorites, but let's be honest, when they go down in the morning it looks as if some neighborhood hooligans just spent the night using Frosty and Santa for a little target practice. (In fact, the first time I saw a lineup of deflated Christmas inflatables I was sure that juvenile delinquents were to blame for their demise.)

But after what I've just seen (online thank goodness, not in person ... yet), I vow to never EVER again complain about inflatables—or possibly any other Christmas decoration—because of what has just appeared on the holiday scene. Meet the Hipster Nativity Set from Modern Nativity:

Image via modernnativity.com Image via modernnativity.com

For a mere $129.99 you can order a nightmarish scene filled with all your favorite hipster characters. Instead of Wise Men bearing gifts for the newborn King Jesus, this nativity set features hipsters on Segways delivering brown Amazon boxes (what, no UPS guys? Are they anti-union or something?). The lone shepherd (who's busy peering at his device) is tending a 100% organic cow and a sweater-wearing sheep (???). The cow is eating gluten-free grain (no, really).