'Drag Kings' Hope to Detoxify Masculinity by Dressing Up as Men (Who Act Like Women)

For a while now, feminists have been trying to find a way to combat “toxic masculinity.” The feminist belief that rape and other sexual crimes stem from societal norms about masculinity has caused the term “toxic” to come to encompass any behavior that is traditionally considered male. So, to combat toxic masculinity, one must weed out all behaviors that are seen as masculine. Which, of course, leaves only behaviors that are seen as feminine. Which means pretty much everyone would have to act like a woman. Hooray for feminism.


A recent article at HuffPost suggests a way to mainstream the idea that, in order to combat toxic masculinity, men must act like women. The article, called “It’s Time For Drag Kings To Detoxify Masculinity On TV,” is written by a drag king named Goldie Peacock. A drag king — for all you unenlightened sexist misogynists out there — is a woman who identifies as a woman but impersonates a man.

Peacock’s idea is that, because actual men have all been socially conditioned to be “toxic,” we need actual women to pretend to be men to show us what men could be like if they weren’t all so darn toxic. Since there’s actually no such thing as men and women, a woman pretending to be a man pretty much is a man — the perfect man, according to feminists, because he acts like a woman, which isn’t really a thing, but never mind.


So, if we ditched the “male” and “female” labels for all human traits and just called them “traits,” feminists believe that all the traditionally “female” traits are good and all the traditionally “male” traits are bad. So, if we just throw out all the “male” stuff and everyone adopts the “female” stuff we’ll all be exactly the same and that sameness will be good because women are great and men are awful. Of course, there are no men or women but if there were, girls would rule and boys would drool. Just saying.

Peacock explains that drag kings “demonstrate variety” in their performances. Adam All, another drag king, says she is “a man who embraces bright colours, emotions, vulnerability and positivity, offering a warm and gentle persona utterly void of toxicity or aggression, though still presenting maleness.” In other words, she’s a woman dressed like a man. But, since she looks like a man, and since “man” and “woman” are just constructs, when she dresses up like a man, she actually is one so — ta da! — men aren’t toxic anymore. (Pirouette, pirouette, screech of joy, hooray.)

Is there such a thing as toxic femininity? If not, there should be. It would be the practice of claiming that anything male is inherently wrong and must be destroyed and replaced with femininity. Oh wait, that already has a name. It’s called “feminism.”

See, feminists want us to think that, because men have oppressed women in the past, women must take on masculine qualities in order to amass power for themselves. This means that the ideal feminist woman has to act like a man in order to be powerful — but of course, she’s not toxic because she’s a woman, even though she’s acting like a man and men are toxic. Then, in order to make sure that men don’t rise up and oppress women all over again with their toxicity, women have to make sure that men act like women so they’re powerless and weak and don’t hurt anybody.


All this means that women are better than men, but men now act like women and women now act like men, so men are actually better than women, because men are now women and women are men. And, in order to make all this happen, women have to dress like men and say they are men so we think that men are women and women are men. And everyone lives happily ever after until the whole human race dies out because nobody can remember anymore who has a uterus and who doesn’t. But that’s okay, because a society that believes all that nonsense probably deserves to die out in the first place. Survivors gather here.


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