Seven-Year-Old on a Mission to Hug a Police Officer in Every Single State

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Well, Thanksgiving is over and it’s back to the daily grind for most of us. But if being back at work has got you a little down, take a look at this feel-good story coming out of Louisiana. (Unless your boss is looking over your shoulder. In which case, bookmark it and get back to work. I’m not trying to get you fired here.)


Seven year-old Rosalyn Baldwin is on a mission to hug a police officer in every single state. After learning about the church shooting in Texas, the Louisiana native told her mother, “I know I’m a little girl… but I have a big heart. Will you and Daddy please help me do this?” Many parents wouldn’t agree to a plan like this, but Rosalyn’s did.

According to her mother, Rosalyn came up with this plan all on her own. Mrs. Baldwin told reporter “Wild Bill” Wood, “I would not have thought about going to fifty states — trust me — and hugging police officers. This was inspired completely by her.”

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Posted by Wild Bill as seen on TV on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Rosalyn now has her own website, RosalynLoves, where her mother posts updates and information on their journey. According to the website, “Rosalyn’s mission is to journey throughout the country as a beacon of light, love and joy. She wishes to unite communities by demonstrating her sincere love and appreciation, for those who have committed their lives to serving and protecting the people of our nation.”


So far, Rosalyn’s journey has led to her to Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Alabama. That’s 25 states out of her goal of visiting all 50. To pay for her travel expenses, her family has set up a GoFundMe page where she is less than $1,000 away from her goal of $10,000.

Rosalyn believes that “there are more good police officers than bad police officers.” A reminder that many could use in these politically charged times. She told CBS News, “God told me to go on this little adventure and hug policemen because of all they’ve done for us. They even risk their lives sometimes.”

Her mission has been making news all over the country, with many on social media tracking her progress and posting images from her journey. Rosalyn gives every police officer she hugs a heart-shaped sticker, symbolizing that her hug comes from the heart.


For the police officers that Rosalyn hugs, this little girl’s mission means the world. “It warms your heart, really it does,” Sgt. Benjamin Murry told CBS News. “It helps people to know that this is why we do what we do.” For men and women who risk their lives to help those in need, and often receive little or no thanks, this seven-year-old is a breath of fresh air.

Apparently, while Rosalyn loves police officers and all they do to keep us safe, she doesn’t want to be one when she grows up. Being a police officer, she says, is “too dangerous.” She’d prefer to be a veterinarian instead. Well, whatever she ends up doing, this little girl is going places. Twenty-five more states, to be exact! You can follow her journey on her Facebook page, or at her website,



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