Sen. Cory Booker Breaks Tradition, Will Testify Against Jeff Sessions

On Monday, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker announced that he will break longstanding Senate tradition on Wednesday by testifying against his colleague, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, during Session's confirmation hearing for U.S. attorney general.

"Concretely, I'm breaking a pretty long Senate tradition by actually being a sitting senator testifying against another sitting senator," Booker told MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Monday. "Please, understand. I think these are extraordinary times and they call for extraordinary measures."

Booker emphasized, "I'll be testifying against my current colleague."

Booker's move is believed to be the first time that a sitting senator has testified against a colleague during a cabinet nomination hearing.

"There's a whole spectrum of things that Jeff Session's own words represent a real threat to vulnerable populations in this country, and that is something that I feel necessary to do everything that I can to speak against," Booker declared.

"We've seen already in this country that we are at a strike point around issues of policing, around issues of civil rights, around issues of gay and lesbian equality within our country," Booker argued, referencing in turn the "Black Lives Matter" movement and the movement for LGBT "rights." Booker argued that Sessions stood against each of these movements. "He has a posture and a positioning that I think represent a real danger to our country.