An Open Letter to Donald Trump From a Loyal Supporter

Dear Donald:

They’re saying you had a bad week. The commentariat from all sectors is betting the Armageddon card on your campaign. Out here in the hinterlands, it’s hard to know whom to believe anymore, Paul Manafort or Glenn Beck. What we do know is that none of what happened after the DNC ended and the campaign entered its final days and hours is new. We knew the mainstream media was going to hit you with what the Nazis called Tottestossen, “total destruction.” And we knew Hillary Clinton was going to get a convention bounce.

What your more thoughtful supporters could not have foreseen is the absence thus far of a hoped-for "presidential " pivot. To be clear, we don’t want you to be presidential in the traditional sense. We want you to create a Trump brand of presidential, and in my opinion, if you don’t mind my saying, that hasn’t happened.

Nobody is throwing in the towel. You were rough, ready, and unbeatable in the primaries; it’s hard to argue with success. Every time the die seems cast for your demise, some new corruption charge surfaces about the opposition, or a horrific terror attack resets us back to what we heard in your rhetoric and liked in the first place.

We’ve heard from the punditry, the operatives and surrogates, from those who remain steadfast in support, those who clutch at a wavering faith, and a growing diaspora of condemnation. Perhaps it’s time to ask what your blue-collar buddies think. I think it’s fair to say that many of them wish you’d do some things different. Here are a few thoughts to put in the hopper.

For solid conservatives who want the best for their country, there is no real Hollywood connection. They made fun of your celebrity guest, Scott Baio, “Chachi,” but know this: Your most devoted worker bees don’t give a tinker’s damn about the appearance of celebrities. The Democrats could reanimate Elvis for the DNC, and we’d watch, but if you were promising to do the things you say you will do, and Hillary was promising what she’s promising, Elvis and Hillary would be out of luck.