O’Malley: ‘Real Outrage’ Is Russia Hacked DNC to Help Trump

PHILADELPHIA – Former 2016 presidential candidate and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley told PJM that the “real outrage” of the Democratic National Committee e-mail scandal is that Russia hacked the DNC to help GOP nominee Donald Trump.

O’Malley also said he is open to serving as DNC chairman after Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) stepped down amid the leak fallout.

PJM asked O’Malley how Clinton is going to be able to bring Sanders’ supporters to her side after the leaked DNC emails showed favoritism toward Clinton during the primary process. O’Malley said the Democratic Party platform is more progressive than expected.

“For my own part, I’m far more outraged about the fact that the Russians are burglarizing the Democratic National Committee headquarters. I mean, this is outrageous. When President Nixon had burglars do it before the age of the Internet, it brought down a presidency. And I think, as Americans, more of us should be concerned about why it is that Russians would be attacking the Democratic National Committee,” he said.

“Why do they want to play a role in this election and strengthen Donald Trump’s hand? I believe it’s because Donald Trump is the only candidate in modern times to call for weakening NATO. The Russians want NATO to be weaker. They want America to be weaker and that’s why they want Donald Trump, and I think that’s the deal,” he added.

O’Malley said Russia has been “stalking” U.S. embassy staff around the world and using their digital “prowess” to hack and leak email systems.

“The Russians are involved in this presidential race. The Russians are trying to skew this race, shade this race and help Donald Trump in this race. Why? Because Donald Trump wants to weaken NATO and Russia wants to expand its buffer zone and its zones of influence, and it’s outrageous. If we want to be outraged – if we want to protest about something we should protest about Putin and the Russians being involved in this presidential race on behalf of improving Donald Trump’s chances.”

Republicans have been critical of Clinton’s Russia “reset” button comment. O’Malley said the Russians know Clinton is tougher than Trump.

“They know how tough she is. Putin doesn’t care for Hillary Clinton and he knows that every bully like Donald Trump is really a weakling in disguise. Donald Trump is not a tough guy. Tough people don’t pick on the vulnerable,” the governor said.