Ted Cruz on Race Against Trump: It's Good Versus 'Evil'

Republican underdog Ted Cruz is fighting for his political life in Indiana, a state that votes Tuesday. In a recent rally, he openly framed the race against frontrunner Donald Trump as a battle of good versus evil.

It is widely believed that Cruz will need to win Indiana to stop Trump from amassing the required 1,237 pledged delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot at the July convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The RealClearPolitics average puts Trump nine points ahead of Cruz, with 42.0 percent to the Texas senator's 32.7 percent. The most recent poll has The Donald up by a whopping 17 points, even though Indiana Governor Mike Pence tepidly endorsed Cruz at the end of last week.

In this light, the Texas senator declared the race to be a war of good versus evil.

"I believe in the people of the Hoosier State," Cruz declared at a rally in La Porte. "I believe that the men and women gathered here and the goodness of the American people, that we will not give into evil but we will remember who we are and we will stand for values."

Cruz added that "this entire political process has conspired to put the state of Indiana in the position to stand up and speak the voice of sanity."

In these comments, the Texas senator followed the lead of Glenn Beck. At a Sunday rally in Lafayette, Indiana, Beck declared that no decision could be more morally important than the choice between Cruz and Trump.