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A couple of nights ago, Jon Stewart said that Harry Truman was a “War Criminal” for dropping the atomic bombs on Japan.

From the moment I saw that clip I have dropped everything I was doing in order to research, write, shoot, edit and post a reponse. It’s a story I already knew well. I think this is very good work, and I will update the post when I have had some sleep. For now, if you have 16 minutes of free time, I think you’ll find this one rewarding.

It’s free, with Flash player, here.

More later.


Well, Jon Stewart apologized for calling Truman “a War Criminal,” and good for him. Everyone says things they regret, but not everyone is big enough to step up and admit they were wrong. And the following is meant in no way to diminish his apology, but the fact is, after he called Truman a War Criminal, he explained in some detail why he thought the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a criminal act. I saw nothing in the apology that led me to believe he changed his mind about the atomic attacks, and to be honest, if you honestly do believe that they were in fact criminal acts, its hard to see how you could not consider Truman a war criminal. But as someone who has had words put in his mouth, I certainly do not wish to do that to Mr. Stewart. I can’t undo the references to what he said, just as he can’t unsay what he did in fact say, but I am glad that he apologized to Truman if nothing else and I certainly think more highly of him for it.

With all of that said, hundreds of millions do in fact consider the bombings a criminal act, and to that degree the video is as timely and necessary as ever.

Sometime this week, I hope, I will provide the text of the video. There are a great many visual elements in the piece, and I hope to include as many of those as I can in the body of the text. But I really do feel that the video format is powerful under certain circumstances, and more of this kind of thing is coming. If you’d like to support this work in the future, my insect overlords would be thrilled — simply thrilled — if those of you that liked the piece would go to PJTV and simply register. It’s fast, it’s free, and your email address will not be used for any other purpose that notifying you of our content, including continuing commentaries such as this one. We’re capitalists here. These things cost money, and if people simply register because of them they will take that as a good sign and give me the means to keep them coming.

Thanks for the support, and good for you, Jon Stewart.