Eject Eject Eject



Often, my PJTV AFTERBURNER segments are essentially spoken essays.

This one is different.  There’s no way for me to transcribe this one.  It’s an indictment in two parts: First, the case for there being overwhelming media bias, and second, something of the magnitude of how much this actually costs a free people.

It’s free — no subscription or registration needed — and it’s also presented in FLASH format, so it should work on just about any machine with a broadband connection.

I’m proud of it. I think it’s powerful. You can find it here.

[UPDATE:   I went to the site a while ago and I got sent to the subscription page.  It’s hiccuping a little, and we have the tech guys on it. If you try the link once or twice, or maybe restart your browser, it seemed to do it for me… but we’re working on it and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.]