Eject Eject Eject


This is the page where we will start with the actual planning and contruction of Ejectia! There will be updates on this page, but the real work happens in the comments. Go for it!

**UPDATE: May25th, 2007 11:00 pm**

Please forgive my absence for the last few days, but Ejectia! is proceeding at an incredible rate.

I'd like to continue to keep people advised as to where we are, since this is a community project.

So far, we have over 20 really top-flight people at work on both the planning and software implementation stages. We have decided to aim for a July 4th opening date. Version 1.0 of Ejectia! (that is, the bare bones needed to open the joint) at the present consists of the following:

1. A Declaration of Principles, and Rules of Conduct… because these wonderful, wonderful comments of yours have set the tone of this enterprise, and civility and friendliness is essential to the continuation of an online City in which we all would like to spend some time.

2. A Lounge, which will consist of several chatrooms and will feature a stunning view and audio background.

3. A University Library, with some of the self-help aspect I mentioned in the essay in place, ready to receive your pearls of wisdom and grow into a magnificent collection of experience and skill.

4. An Ejectia! Gazette, the city newspaper, which will feature upcoming events, new additions, and general news and how-to information.

and finally,

5. An Arena, where we can have individual rhetorical "gladiators" debate some of the days topics, along with online voting, a 'winnner,' and a leader board where scores are kept. Critical Thinking is a blood sport in the Ejectia Arena! Two people enter… and two people leave, shaking hands.  

This is, of course, merely a scratch on the surface of what we can do together. But the first priority is to actually get something up and running, no matter how modest, and we feel this will be enough attractions to open with while we continue to build new and exciting modules.   

Right now, the main skill sets in use are programming and information management. Once some of the software implementation has been decided upon, that focus will change to the graphic design and artwork phase. After that, we will put out a call for marketing and promotion people.


I want everyone who has left a comment here to know that I and several others comb these remarks daily, looking forsuggestions. The fact that we are working so far behind the scenes at present is because we have to build the initial scenery! But I want to assure everyone that this is proceeding far faster and in far more detail than I could have ever imagined when I worte the essay, and that is entirely due to the skill and generosity of people like yourself.

This is going to be wonderful! Keep dreaming! If it's a good idea, we'll use it eventually!