Eject Eject Eject


Back in late September, I agreed – reluctantly, for at the time it only seemed like just a lot of hard work – to edit an additional 26 episodes of our show, in my spare time, for the international audience.

Actually, I was only supposed to do about half, perhaps a third of that, as someone or two would be hired on in order to make our deadline of being finished and out the door with them during the first week of January.

Well, needless to say, that additional help did not arrive. However, last night, at 10:45 pm, I again left the edit bay and went home, having output episode 26. This additional work, work that had kept me in that chair (and not this one) on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and many others, is finally over.

And so I am back!

Now, re-reading the above, I realize that I am starting to sound like a whiny crybaby. I did get paid for all that overtime, and I did agree to do it, after all. But no one really understood just how much time it would take to re-edit an entire season in addition to the entire new season I was working on 9 to 5.

Anyway, in the immortal words of that literary classic, Cannonball Run: ‘What’s behind me is not important!’

So this is just notice that I’m alive and back, in that order. I am throwing all sorts of extra spices in to Sanctuary, which should be out shortly, and then I will get back to promoting Silent America and starting on the other books that I have been ruminating and cogitating and mentally bloviating on in the silent cocoon of my car ride in and home from work. Each weekend.

Stupid capitalism.

More soon.