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Hi Folks. I’m alive. I’m well. I’m still busy as hell, but it is slowing down. Probably another two weeks of double-shifts to get these syndicated shows off my back, and I will be back to a schedule that allows me to put four hours together in one place.


I’m not giving up, I’m not fading out, I’m not chasing inspiration and I’m not out of ideas — what I am out of, right now, is time. That will change shortly.

I was privileged to meet Hugh Hewitt a few days ago at a book signing (his) back on — let’s see — that would have been…uh…December 26th! Like I said, a few days ago.

He pointed something out to me…namely, that I am not, to my surprise, a blogger. He said, “You’re not really a blogger, Bill. You’re more of an…online essayist.”

Well, he was, as usual, exactly right. Online Essayist! Oh yeah! Millions and millions of bloggers out there, but how many Online Essayists?

No more than a few hundred thousand, tops!

Anyway, I have given this some Deep Thought, and I have decided — by default, really — that if I don’t have time to say something important I’m better off just not saying anything at all.


The next essay is fully formed and needs only the time to put it to “paper.” I need to get on the hardcover version of Silent America, with various improvements including a table of contents! No charge for the Table of Contents! It’s all part of the Added Value! Also a forward by Somebody Big.

So, as an Online Assayist, let me re-state my Quality Pledge to you the reading consumer:

I will sell no essay before it’s time.

More is coming, including the start of two new book collections. So hang on and remember: Bill Whittle hasn’t died, he just feels that way.

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