Taking the Taxing Out of Taxis

If you’ve ever sat on a bus, or stood in line with an iPhone owner, you must have noticed that
they have an awful lot they can do with their smart phone.  Pour virtual beer, play a first-person shooter, or maybe create some music .. all with a few swipes of the finger.
Now, I long ago took a personal pledge not to compare whatever phone I have with anybody else .. but a new app I’ve just seen is too cool to pass up.  It’s called “Taxi Magic,” and it’s made for both the iPhone and the BlackBerry.  Like I said, this is simple.  Choose a cab company by pressing a button, and the company uses GPS to figure out where you are.  Then, just as fast, GPS tells them where the closest cab is.  The cab is dispatched, and, if you want (say, if you’re standing in line), you can track the progress of the taxi on its way to you.
But here’s the best part.  RideCharge, the company that makes the “Magic” app, lets you pay by entering the dollar fee -including tip – into your phone.  RideCharge then charges your credit card (plus $1.25), and you no longer have to search for cash, or hope the cabbie takes plastic.
it’s technology to make your life a little simpler and efficient.  So you can relax in the cab .. while you play Mozart on your iPhone virtual flute.