Consumer Group Opposes Google, Yahoo Partnership - Top Lawmaker Upset With Yahoo

U.S. PIRG has weighed in on the proposed Google/Yahoo ad deal — and the consumer organization isn’t smiling. U.S. PIRG expressed its concerns in a letter to the U.S. Attorney General saying that competing companies would be forced to use more invasive information collection techniques to combat the 80% market share of the proposed partnership of the two search giants.  The deal is still under review by DOJ while Google and Yahoo have pushed back their proposed launch date.

And the pain doesn’t end. Piling on in the debate,  Texas Rep. Joe Barton, who sits on the House Commerce Committee, isn’t thrilled with Yahoo lately. Barton has joined the voices are asking DOJ to study the deal further. Barton charges Yahoo with trying to avoid questions about the plan and says that Yahoo’s answers  “seem designed to obscure rather than clarify how the Google-Yahoo partnership would work”.  Is that really surprising?  Story Here .  Given the volume of concerns expressed about the proposal, it’s difficult to see what Google and Yahoo can do to calm things in DC and move this deal forward.