AMD Says Shanghai Won't Be Another Barcelona

Still recovering from the Barcelona debacle of last year, AMD has said that it is ready to ship its new Shanghai processors (in servers)  by the end of this year. Introduced last year, the quad-core Barcelona was found to have a serious cache memory flaw and sales were halted for 6 months.  A cascading series of troubles followed and AMD has struggled to recover lost market share and credibility since. The company has changed its QC approach and has had to go to some extraordinary lengths to assure customers of the reliability of the new chip, but their efforts seem to have paid off. Tests show a robust and stable chip and customers who have tested it are reported to be happy with the performance. The Barcelona was a serious miscue at a critical time for AMD and regaining its reputation will take time.  In Sunnyvale, they are hoping that their efforts put customers back on the road to Shanghai.