"Dozens" of Facebook Staff Selling Stock?

Rumor has it that the stock is being peddled in the $5B valuation range, not bad, but a long way from the Microsoft premium of 10 months ago. Sale of stock in this manner is unusual and reports indicate employees are grumbling about the message being sent by the top management sell-off.  Who can blame them.  This kind of activity by management, prior to a public offering, raises questions about whether the top brass are more focused on getting rich quick or growing the company.  Any bets?  Of course, in a magnanimous gesture to the underlings, the company has recently said they will help employees sell up to 20% of their vested shares. Considering the differing valuations at which stocks are being sold and the fact that a public corporation owns a piece of the company,  the SEC or California Secretary of State may want to take a closer look into what is going on at Facebook.   At minimum, Microsoft might want to take a closer look at its incredible shrinking share.  More