Ain't No Party Like a Hillary House Party!


Feel the excitement! Or the lack thereof — “‘Pitiful’: CNN Finds Only Six People at Hillary’s Iowa Watch Party,” Cortney O’Brien writes at Townhall today:

It was such a paltry showing, CNN host Fredricka Whitfield said of the scene, “I don’t know. It’s looking kind of pitiful.”

Iowa is the first major campaign stop for any presidential candidate. The Iowa Caucus officially kicks off each general election and it’s important for candidates to leave an impressive mark on the state. If the scene in Marshalltown today is any indication, Clinton is going to have quite an uphill climb in the race.

Also of note, Fox News’s Leland Vittert reported that an overflow room was prepared for speechgoers who couldn’t fit in the main crowd at Roosevelt Island. It was empty.

I guess a party hosted by Hillary is one that’s just not worth crashing.

In 2009, when Microsoft released their “launch party” video to hype the debut of Windows 7, with actors painfully trying to portray average everyday folks displaying waaaay too much emotion and excitement about the impending release of an updated computer operating system, one Internet wag went through the entire clip and replaced every mention of the words “Microsoft” and “Windows” with network-style beeps, as if someone uttered whatever remaining foul words still left which cannot be said on TV. The result was infinitely more entertaining, and likely the same technique would make video from a Hillary launch party far more watchable as well:


[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”80937″]

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