When the Leftwing Indoctrination Fails

Lefty author at Tablet has a conniption fit on “The Day I Discovered My Daughter Was No Dove.” The scene is in Israel, but it’s easy enough to translate it to American politics:


So, we were walking down Rothschild Boulevard, hand in hand: she, 10 years old, and me, 38. Both divorced. In her case, involuntarily, and perhaps in mine as well. Naturally, with the upcoming elections, we started talking politics. What do you think about Bibi’s speech in America, I asked her. I think it doesn’t really matter, she said.

Something about her tone was new. The flow of her speech was somehow different. There was a strange tune to it, but one that was also familiar. Just not from her. And not from home. I mean, the home that was once ours.

* * * * * * *

“Are there really that many?” she asked, reprocessing the data. “Look,” she says, “if it’s me or them, what do I care where they go, they can go to Arabia as far as I care. I choose me. You understand. It’s obvious to everyone except the lefties.”

I’m afraid that any moment her lefties will turn into leftards. Because at this point, I’m starting to truly realize that my daughter, the beautiful, blue-eyed light of my life, has become just another voice in the Israeli rabble. “When exactly did you decide that you’re right-wing?” I ask, trying to interview her, perhaps to study this strange character standing in front of me, yelling on the street.

“Look,” she repeats in her new style, “I’ve always been right-wing. I never believed the Arabs really want peace. But now, when they started shooting missiles at us, I’m certainly not going to feel sorry for them ever again.”

Those who believe that nothing was accomplished in Operation Protective Edge are mistaken. Maybe Hamas wasn’t so bothered. But Protective Edge was an internal battle over Israeli souls, over the conscience of Israel’s citizens. And one has to admit, they certainly did a good job. At least on my little girl.


In 2002, Charles Krauthammer famously wrote, “To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.”

Which holds true for Israeli politics as well — and in this case, even if the conservative is your own daughter.


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